[ uh-ris-tuh-krat-ik, ar-uh-stuh- ]
/ əˌrɪs təˈkræt ɪk, ˌær ə stə- /


of or relating to government by an aristocracy.
belonging to or favoring the aristocracy.
characteristic of an aristocrat; having the manners, values, or qualities associated with the aristocracy: aristocratic bearing; aristocratic snobbishness.

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Also a·ris·to·crat·i·cal.

Origin of aristocratic

1595–1605; < Greek aristokratikós pertaining to aristocracy; see -ic

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/ (ˌærɪstəˈkrætɪk) /


relating to or characteristic of aristocracy or an aristocrat
elegant or stylish in appearance and behaviour
Derived Formsaristocratically, adverb

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Word Origin and History for aristocratic



c.1600, "pertaining to aristocracy," from French aristocratique, from Greek aristokratikos "belonging to the rule of the best," from aristokratia (see aristocracy). Meaning "grand, stylish" is from 1845.

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