[ uh-ris-tuh-krat, ar-uh-stuh- ]
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  1. a member of an aristocracy, especially a noble.

  2. a person who has the tastes, manners, etc., characteristic of members of an aristocracy.

  1. an advocate of an aristocratic form of government.

  2. anything regarded as the best, most elegant, or most stylish of its kind: the aristocrat of California wines.

Origin of aristocrat

First recorded in 1770–80; from French aristocrate, back formation from aristocratie aristocracy

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/ (ˈærɪstəˌkræt) /

  1. a member of the aristocracy; a noble

  2. a person who has the manners or qualities of a member of a privileged or superior class

  1. a person who advocates aristocracy as a form of government

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