or Ar·is·to·te·lean

[ ar-uh-stuh-teel-yuh n, -tee-lee-uh n, uh-ris-tuh- ]
/ ˌær ə stəˈtil yən, -ˈti li ən, əˌrɪs tə- /


of, pertaining to, based on, or derived from Aristotle or his theories.


a follower of Aristotle.

Origin of Aristotelian

1600–10; < Latin Aristotelī(us) < Greek Aristotéleios of Aristotle + -an

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British Dictionary definitions for aristotelian

/ (ˌærɪstəˈtiːlɪən) /


of or relating to Aristotle or his philosophy
(of a philosophical position) derived from that of Aristotle, or incorporating such of his major doctrines as the distinctions between matter and form, and substance and accident, or the primacy of individuals over universals


a follower of Aristotle
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