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[ ar-uh-zoh-nuh ]


  1. a state in the southwestern United States. 113,909 sq. mi. (295,025 sq. km). : Phoenix. : AZ (for use with zip code), Ariz.


/ ˌærɪˈzəʊnə /


  1. a state of the southwestern US: consists of the Colorado plateau in the northeast, including the Grand Canyon, divided from desert in the southwest by mountains rising over 3750 m (12 500 ft). Capital: Phoenix. Pop: 5 580 811 (2003 est). Area: 293 750 sq km (113 417 sq miles) AbbreviationAriz.with zip codeAZ


  1. State in the southwestern United States bordered by Utah to the north, New Mexico to the east, Mexico to the south, and California and Nevada to the west. Its capital and largest city is Phoenix .

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The Grand Canyon is in northwestern Arizona.

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  • Arizonan Ar·i·zo·ni·an [ar-, uh, -, zoh, -nee-, uh, n], adjective noun

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Like other Americans who have received a coronavirus vaccination, 76-year-old Elizabeth Larson of Arizona struggled to book her first dose.

In Arizona, HB 2701 would restrict mail voting to only people who physically cannot vote in person — and at the same time slash the number of in-person polling locations.

The electoral votes from Arizona should not be counted, he argued, because of reasons.

States that were closely contested in 2020 have seen the most legislative action, with Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia leading the pack on new voting restriction proposals.

From Time

Rodents make up 42 percent of coyote diets in Chicago, 40 percent in Los Angeles, and 28 percent in Tucson, Arizona, according to Gehrt’s Ecology of Coyotes in Urban Landscapes study.

Normality, domesticity, ease, in the blazing Arizona desert.

Immediately, there was a national groundswell of voices calling for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill.

The 2008 Republican presidential nominee and longtime Arizona senator has long had a cordial relationship with Hillary Clinton.

At least five (in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, and Utah) have already been announced.

Of course, conservative activists took a beating when they tried this in Arizona last year.

The stream was like most water-courses in Arizona, and flowed under the sand and next to the bed-rock.

As for Homer Smith, his carcase might rot in the desert of Arizona, or anywhere, for aught he cared.

I shall miss all this a lot when we go back East, Val declared, looking about at the Arizona 97 sunset.

In the course of time conditions changed, and the change brought the Arizona of to-day.

Now at one time in this particular locality Arizona had not been dry and full of alkali.


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