armed robbery

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a robbery in which the robber is armed with a dangerous weapon.
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Origin of armed robbery

First recorded in 1975–80
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What is armed robbery?

Armed robbery is the act of robbing someone or a place while armed with a weapon.

Robbery is the act of robbing—stealing, especially by force or through threats of violence. To be armed is to be carrying a weapon.

A person who commits armed robbery can be called an armed robber. Even if a robber does not use the weapon they are carrying while committing a robbery, it is still considered armed robbery.

Armed robbery is used as a name of a specific criminal charge. The sentence for being convicted of armed robbery is often much harsher due to the fact that a weapon was involved.

Example: The suspect is wanted for armed robbery and assault.

Where does armed robbery come from?

The first records of the term armed robbery come from the 1790s, but the term became much more widespread in the 1900s.

In general, armed robbery involves stealing something from someone while carrying a weapon. Most armed robberies involve weapons like guns and knives, but other things may be considered weapons, legally speaking. Even if a weapon is only used to threaten or intimidate a victim during a robbery, it is still considered an armed robbery.

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  • armed robber (noun)

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Armed robbery convictions often result in long prison sentences.

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