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[ ahr-merd ]


  1. protected by armor or armor plate.
  2. provided with or using armored equipment, as tanks or armored cars:

    an armored unit;

    an armored patrol.

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Other Words From

  • un·armored adjective
  • well-armored adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of armored1

First recorded in 1595–1605; armor + -ed 3
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Example Sentences

As waves hit an armored shoreline, they pull sand off the beach.

Bees fly, beetles crawl like tiny armored tanks and the Australian walking stick has camouflaged itself to look like a leaf mixed with a scorpion.

Just last year, El Cajon sought an armored personnel vehicle, known as a Bearcat.

He questioned the logic of approving new seawalls just because other parts of the shoreline are armored.

To see how protective the armor is, the researchers tested the hardness of the ant exoskeleton by poking armored and nonarmored pieces until an indentation formed.

Hence the SWAT teams and armored trucks surrounding his house.

In front of its offices in Donetsk, there is an armored military vehicle.

CEO of armored car company tests his merchandise from the inside.

Sergei's comrades there are still waiting for the armored personnel carriers promised by the defense ministry months ago, he says.

His son had come back a hero of the Second Armored Division, and he still had enough paintings to do business and live well.

Dis whole job is a pipe, wit' us havin' a Monitor gun to open dat armored truck.

He saw that the back door of the armored truck was opening and another guard was getting out.

How the payroll cash was brought from up the line in an armored car to the bank before opening time in the morning.

The encounter between the Merrimack and the Monitor had set the world agog on the matter of armored vessels.

Whenever I get into this anti-mosquito rig, I feel like an armored train!


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