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noun, plural ar·mor·ies.
  1. a storage place for weapons and other war equipment.
  2. a building that is the headquarters and drill center of a military unit.
  3. a place where arms and armor are made; an armorer's shop; arsenal.
  4. Heraldry. the art of blazoning arms.
  5. heraldry.
  6. arms or armor collectively.
  7. Archaic. heraldic bearings or arms.

Origin of armory

1300–50; Middle English armerie, armur(i)e < Middle French armoierie, equivalent to Old French armoi(er) to bear arms (derivative of armes arm2) + -erie -ery Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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depot, headquarters, factory, plant, center, dump, range, arsenal, magazine

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Historical Examples of armory

  • Then the Dragon-King was frightened, and had the heaviest weapon in his armory brought in.

  • They keep Troopers in the Armory and teach them how to fight.


    Robert J. Shea

  • So we come back home to Newyork and they lock us up in the Armory.


    Robert J. Shea

  • But when they'd opened up a gate like the double doors of an armory, and let us in, I forgot all that.

    Shorty McCabe

    Sewell Ford

  • From my pocket I took the key which unlocked the door of the room we called the armory.

    The Pirate of Panama

    William MacLeod Raine

British Dictionary definitions for armory


noun plural -mories
  1. the usual US spelling of armoury
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Word Origin and History for armory

"arms and weapons collectively," c.1300; see arm (n.2) + -ory. Meaning "place where arms are manufactured" is from mid-15c. Also used in a sense of "arsenal" (mid-15c.), "the science of heraldry" (late 15c.), from Old French armoierie, from armoier "to blazon," from Latin arma "weapons" (see arm (n.2)).

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