[ ahr-mer ]
/ ˈɑr mər /


verb (used with object)

to cover or equip with armor or armor plate.

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Also especially British, ar·mour.

Origin of armor

1250–1300; Middle English armo(u)r, armure < Anglo-French armour(e), armure Old French armëure < Latin armātūra armature; assimilated, in Middle English and Anglo-French, to nouns ending in -our -or2

Related formsar·mor·less, adjectivean·ti·ar·mor, adjectivesub·ar·mor, noun

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US armored

/ (ˈɑːməd) /


having a protective covering, such as armour or bone
comprising units making use of armoured vehiclesan armoured brigade
(of glass) toughened


/ (ˈɑːmə) /


the US spelling of armour
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see chink in one's armor; knight in shining armor.

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