[ air-uhn, ar- ]


  1. a first name.

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Example Sentences

The youngest of the kids, 14-year-old Aron, lives with his dad, Yosef, in Monsey.

From Time

In 1948, Charles Aron, co-owner of Aristocrat, divorced his wife, Evelyn.

In the end, it was not Leonard who had the guts to press and release—it was Evelyn Aron.

The Qassam spokesman had named the soldier as Shaul Aron and showed his ID papers.

Klinsmann may also insert Aron Johannsson at some point if the Americans need added juice up front.

“They overplayed their hand; Democrats needed to act,” says Aron of the Alliance for Justice.

Half-breeds and Indians came and went, constituting a floating population; Cam-aron and his men were temporary citizens.

These were the general facts that both Aron and Martha knew.

The noise was almost unbearable and Aron had a mind to leave.

Aron was not too worried, since there were no dangerous animals.

Finishing the last airlock, Aron then walked through the post.





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