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  1. simple past tense of arise.
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Can be confusedarose arouse


verb (used without object), a·rose, a·ris·en [uh-riz-uhn] /əˈrɪz ən/, a·ris·ing.
  1. to get up from sitting, lying, or kneeling; rise: He arose from his chair when she entered the room.
  2. to awaken; wake up: He arose at sunrise to get an early start to the beach.
  3. to move upward; mount; ascend: A thin curl of smoke arose lazily from the cabin.
  4. to come into being, action, or notice; originate; appear; spring up: New problems arise daily.
  5. to result or proceed; spring or issue (sometimes followed by from): It is difficult to foresee the consequences that may arise from this action. After such destruction many problems in resettlement often arise.
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Origin of arise

before 900; Middle English arisen, Old English ārīsan; cognate with Gothic ur-reisan. See a-3, rise
Related formsre·a·rise, verb (used without object), re·a·rose, re·a·ris·en, re·a·ris·ing.


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Related Words

emerge, begin, derive, appear, happen, originate, emanate, stem, rise, result, ensue, occur, mount, soar, head, spring, flow, start, follow, issue

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Historical Examples

  • He arose, as he spoke, and reverently placed the chaplet on the head of Plato.


    Lydia Maria Child

  • She arose, gently placed his arm on the couch, and looked upon his face.


    Lydia Maria Child

  • She arose, and would have gone around the table to him, but he met her with open arms.

    The Spenders

    Harry Leon Wilson

  • The miseries of Tasso arose not only from the imagination and the heart.

  • It arose, I imagine, from an excess of the masculine element in his nature.

    Weighed and Wanting

    George MacDonald

British Dictionary definitions for arose


  1. the past tense of arise
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verb arises, arising, arose or arisen (intr)
  1. to come into being; originate
  2. (foll by from) to spring or proceed as a consequence; resultguilt arising from my actions
  3. to get or stand up, as from a sitting, kneeling, or lying position
  4. to come into notice
  5. to move upwards; ascend
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Word Origin

Old English ārīsan; related to Old Saxon arīsan, Old High German irrīsan; see rise
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Word Origin and History for arose


past tense of arise (v.).

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Old English arisan "to get up, rise; spring from, originate; spring up, ascend" (cognate with Old Saxon arisan, Gothic urreisan), from a- (1) "of" + rise (v.). Mostly replaced by rise except in reference to circumstances. Related: Arising; arose; arisen.

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