[ uh-rou-zuhl, ]
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  1. the act or an instance of waking up:Arousals occur naturally during sleep and increase with age.

  2. the act of stimulating someone sexually, or the state of being sexually stimulated:Some yoga practices improve levels of arousal in sexually unsatisfied women.

  1. the act of stirring up or the state of being stirred up; excitement: Be aware of your level of emotional arousal when making decisions.Relieving teens from stress in conversations can be a very effective way to prevent the arousal of anger.

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Other words from arousal

  • non·a·rous·al, noun
  • o·ver·a·rous·al, noun
  • re·a·rous·al, noun
  • sem·i·a·rous·al, noun
  • sub·a·rous·al, noun

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