or AR·PA·net

[ ahr-puh-net ]
/ ˈɑr pəˌnɛt /
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noun Computers.
Advanced Research Projects Agency Network: a network of computers, developed by the U.S. Department of Defense in the 1960s, that pioneered data transfer in packets and the Internet Protocol; a precursor to the internet.
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Origin of ARPANET

First recorded in 1970–75

usage note for ARPANET

See internet.

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Scientific definitions for ARPANET

[ ärpə-nĕt ]

A computer network developed by the Advanced Research Project Agency (now the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency) in the 1960s and 1970s as a means of communication between research laboratories and universities. ARPANET was the predecessor to the Internet.
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Cultural definitions for ARPANET


An acronym for Advanced Research Project Agency Network. An early communications network developed by the Department of Defense in the late 1960s. It connected high-tech research institutions and the military.

notes for Arpanet

Creating a communications system that could survive a nuclear war was a major impetus behind the development of this system.

notes for Arpanet

Arpanet is often spoken of as a precursor of the Internet.
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