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[ahr-puh nt; French ar-pahn]
noun, plural ar·pents [ahr-puh nts; French ar-pahn] /ˈɑr pənts; French arˈpɑ̃/.
  1. an old French unit of area equal to about one acre (0.4 hectare). It is still used in the province of Quebec and in parts of Louisiana.
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Origin of arpent

1570–80; < Middle French < Latin arepennis half-acre < Gaulish; akin to MIr airchenn unit of area
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  1. a former French unit of length equal to 190 feet (approximately 58 metres)
  2. an old French unit of land area equal to about one acre: still used in Quebec and Louisiana
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Word Origin for arpent

C16: from Old French, probably from Late Latin arepennis half an acre, of Gaulish origin; related to Middle Irish airchenn unit of land measure
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