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[ uh-reynj-muhnt ]


  1. an act of arranging; state of being arranged.
  2. the manner or way in which things are arranged:

    a tactful arrangement of the seating at dinner.

  3. a final settlement; adjustment by agreement:

    The arrangement with the rebels lasted only two weeks.

  4. Usually arrangements. preparatory measures; plans; preparations:

    They made arrangements for an early departure.

  5. something arranged in a particular way:

    a floral arrangement; the arrangement of chairs for the seminar.

  6. Music.
    1. the adaptation of a composition to voices or instruments, or to a new purpose.
    2. a piece so adapted.


/ əˈreɪndʒmənt /


  1. the act of arranging or being arranged
  2. the form in which things are arranged

    he altered the arrangement of furniture in the room

  3. a thing composed of various ordered parts; the result of arranging

    a flower arrangement

  4. often plural a preparatory measure taken or plan made; preparation
  5. an agreement or settlement; understanding
  6. an adaptation of a piece of music for performance in a different way, esp on different instruments from those for which it was originally composed
  7. an adaptation (of a play, etc) for broadcasting
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Other Words From

  • rear·rangement noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of arrangement1

From French, dating back to 1720–30; arrange, -ment
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Idioms and Phrases

  1. final arrangements, the planning or scheduling of funeral services and burial:

    Final arrangements are still pending.

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Example Sentences

Trading and lending arrangements are overseen by so-called smart contracts, which serve to enforce whatever deal—perhaps a 6 month loan at 5% interest—two parties have struck on the platform.

From Fortune

This sort of arrangement also allows the company to continue to bolster its shipping operation.

From Fortune

Dice that are connected by an edge represent tiles that are connected without sharing a face — exactly the kind of tiling arrangement needed to disprove Keller’s conjecture.

Cisterra eventually managed to persuade both parties to come to the table and to agree to a new arrangement.

They had their own local theories about why this was a commonsensical arrangement, but no one seemed to believe that these roles had anything to do with inherent personality.

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King agreed to this arrangement but did not reveal it to his followers.

The joint bank account and the leasing arrangement also stayed the same.

He had made an arrangement with Barclay H. Warburton, owner of the Philadelphia Evening Telegraph.

I was making a fair amount of mistakes trying to learn the arrangement while playing along with the band.

Frequently they are found in alveolar arrangement, retaining the original outline of the alveoli of the lung (Fig. 4, b).

Aristide replaced the baby, and with a complicated arrangement of string fastened it securely to the seat.

And remember it is by our hypothesis the best possible form and arrangement of that lesson.

I asked him to tell me how he produced a certain effect he makes in his arrangement of the ballad in Wagner's Flying Dutchman.

The myth of "Boreas and Orithyia," though faulty perhaps in technique, is good in conception and arrangement.


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