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[ uh-rey ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to place in proper or desired order; marshal:

    Napoleon arrayed his troops for battle.

    Synonyms: dispose, order, range, arrange

  2. to clothe with garments, especially of an ornamental kind; dress up; deck out:

    She arrayed herself in furs and diamonds.

    Synonyms: decorate, adorn, ornament, attire, dress, apparel


  1. order or arrangement, as of troops drawn up for battle.

    Synonyms: disposition

  2. military force, especially a body of troops.
  3. a large and impressive grouping or organization of things:

    He couldn't dismiss the array of facts.

    Synonyms: exhibition, exhibit, show

  4. regular order or arrangement; series:

    an array of figures.

  5. a large group, number, or quantity of people or things:

    an impressive array of scholars; an imposing array of books.

  6. attire; dress:

    in fine array.

    Synonyms: raiment

  7. an arrangement of interrelated objects or items of equipment for accomplishing a particular task:

    thousands of solar cells in one vast array.

  8. Mathematics, Statistics.
    1. an arrangement of a series of terms according to value, as from largest to smallest.
    2. an arrangement of a series of terms in some geometric pattern, as in a matrix.
  9. Computers. a block of related data elements, each of which is usually identified by one or more subscripts.
  10. Radio. antenna array.


/ əˈreɪ /


  1. an impressive display or collection
  2. an orderly or regular arrangement, esp of troops in battle order
  3. poetic.
    rich clothing; apparel
  4. maths a sequence of numbers or symbols in a specified order
  5. maths a set of numbers or symbols arranged in rows and columns, as in a determinant or matrix
  6. electronics an arrangement of aerials spaced to give desired directional characteristics, used esp in radar
  7. law a panel of jurors
  8. the arming of military forces
  9. computing a regular data structure in which individual elements may be located by reference to one or more integer index variables, the number of such indices being the number of dimensions in the array


  1. to dress in rich attire; adorn
  2. to arrange in order (esp troops for battle); marshal
  3. law to draw up (a panel of jurors)


/ ə-rā /

  1. Mathematics.
    A rectangular arrangement of quantities in rows and columns, as in a matrix.
  2. Numerical data ordered in a linear fashion, by magnitude.

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Derived Forms

  • arˈrayal, noun

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Other Words From

  • ar·rayer noun
  • unar·rayed adjective
  • well-ar·rayed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of array1

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English arrayen, from Anglo-French arayer, Old French are(y)er, from Germanic; compare Old English ārǣdan “to prepare,” equivalent to ā- a- 3 + ræde “prompt”

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Word History and Origins

Origin of array1

C13: from Old French aroi arrangement, from arayer to arrange, of Germanic origin; compare Old English arǣdan to make ready

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Example Sentences

In the early 2000s came BrainGate, an experimental device that uses an array of electrodes to essentially translate the desire to move limbs from the brain to a device, which is still being researched.

From Vox

The four-minute video features an array of studio leadership talking in very high-level terms about the game's development.

Honorees traversed an array of subject matter and areas of expertise, from travel to LGBT rights.

From Digiday

Given the vast array of elements that can be altered during multivariate testing, it’s important to turn to a tool that can make the whole process of tweaking landing pages and content as simple as possible.

Athletes use a treadmill or stationary bike in combination with an array of sensors plus their laptop or smartphone.

And yet we keep devouring the ever-increasing array of Jewish dating apps and sites and Facebook groups--why?

In any case, culling a manageable array from the totality of splendid volumes has with each year become more difficult.

Today, the Republicans can call upon an array of minority senators, governors, and congressmen.

The image above was constructed with longer-wavelength light, using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).

As the Dish noted recently, country music once boasted a wide array of complex and diverse political opinions.

Then affairs almost reached the point where the province was in hostile array, one side against another.

The critical moralist pauses before the formidable array of the entire social world, civilized and savage.

I intended to meet you at Oakland and take you directly up to Lumalitas, where everything was to have been in gala array.

Bruce, however, sternly refused to disorder his array, but at last yielded to his importunity.

The Scottish array appears to have made a deeper impression on the English veterans than on the English king.