/ (əˈrɛstmənt) /

  1. Scots law the seizure of money or property to prevent a debtor paying one creditor in advance of another

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How to use arrestment in a sentence

  • If these be passed, it usually spreads up the leg to just below the knee before signs of arrestment appear.

    Manual of Surgery | Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
  • Back to thy arrestment, poor Brissot; or indeed to strait confinement,—whither others are fared to follow.

    The French Revolution | Thomas Carlyle
  • No passage Spainward from the Thames; well if arrestment do not suddenly come from the Thames!

    The Life of John Sterling | Thomas Carlyle
  • arrestment on arrestment follows quick, continual; "The guillotine goes not ill."

  • The first of these is the bill which he introduced last session with the object of limiting the arrestment of wages.

    Western Worthies | J. Stephen Jeans