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variant of arterio-, especially before a vowel.



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What does arteri- mean?

Arteri- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “artery,” a blood vessel that conveys blood from the heart to any part of the body.

Arteri- is used in some medical terms, especially in anatomy and pathology.

Arteri- comes from the Greek artēría, meaning “artery” and “windpipe.” Windpipe? Yep, discover why at our entry for trachea. The word aorta is related to the Greek artēría.

Arteri- is a variant of arterio-, which loses its -o– when combined with words or word elements beginning with vowels.

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Examples of arteri-

One example of a word featuring arteri- is arteriectomy, the “excision of part of an artery,” a surgical procedure.

Arteri-, as we’ve seen, refers to arteries, and -ectomy means “excision.” So, arteriectomy literally translates to “artery removal.”

In some instances, arterio- loses both its final vowels, -io-, when combining with other word forms or elements. Arteritis, meaning “inflammation of an artery,” is one example.

What are some words that use the combining form arteri-?

What are some other forms that arteri- may be commonly confused with?

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The word ectasis, or ectasia, can refer to dilation. With this in mind, what is arteriectasis?

  • Et quando ventriculi ita opplentur pituita, ut arteri ips choroidis ea immergantur, tunc subito generatur appoplexia.

    Sleep and Its Derangements|William A. Hammond

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Variant ofarterio-
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