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  1. Blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart and to the body tissues. ( Compare veins ; see circulatory system .)

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Example Sentences

Twenty minutes later, the surgeons told us they needed to start on the 12-hour operation to save his arteries.

The drug halts the development of atherosclerosis, a word referring to the hardening of the arteries.

The Paleo diet is dangerous because it permits red meat, which clogs our arteries and shortens our lifespan.

After all, the only diets proven to open blocked arteries are no-added-fat vegetarian (Ornish-style) diets.

He was found at autopsy to have severe hardening of his coronary arteries.

Wide and straight, well made and tree-lined throughout, it supplied the two great arteries of Indian life.

It extends from the Strand to Holborn, the two principal business arteries of London.

If the patient has been very much run down, death may take place from thrombosis of some of the arteries.

Others, main arteries of a mysterious circulation, lengthened out in the rock in dark and tortuous fissures.

Horrid the gashes where jagged iron had cut through the flesh, severing arteries and tendons in an instant.