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[ ahr-ti-kuhl ]


  1. a written composition in prose, usually nonfiction, on a specific topic, forming an independent part of a book or other publication, as a newspaper or magazine.
  2. an individual object, member, or portion of a class; an item or particular: articles of clothing.

    an article of food;

    articles of clothing.

  3. something of indefinite character or description:

    What is that article?

  4. an item for sale; commodity.
  5. Grammar. any member of a small class of words, or, as in Swedish or Romanian, affixes, found in certain languages, as English, French, and Arabic, that are linked to nouns and that typically have a grammatical function identifying the noun as a noun rather than describing it. In English the definite article is the, the indefinite article is a or an, and their force is generally to impart specificity to the noun or to single out the referent from the class named by the noun.
  6. a clause, item, point, or particular in a contract, treaty, or other formal agreement; a condition or stipulation in a contract or bargain:

    The lawyers disagreed on the article covering plagiarism suits.

  7. a separate clause or provision of a statute.
  8. Slang. a person:

    Trust me, this guy's not just any article, he's Mr. Right.

  9. Archaic. a subject or matter of interest, thought, business, etc.
  10. Obsolete. a specific or critical point of time; juncture or moment:

    the article of death.

verb (used with object)

, ar·ti·cled, ar·ti·cling.
  1. to set forth in articles; charge or accuse specifically:

    They articled his alleged crimes.

  2. to bind by articles of covenant or stipulation:

    to article an apprentice.


/ ˈɑːtɪkəl /


  1. one of a class of objects; item

    an article of clothing

  2. an unspecified or previously named thing, esp a small object

    he put the article on the table

  3. a distinct part of a subject or action
  4. a written composition on a subject, often being one of several found in a magazine, newspaper, etc
  5. grammar a kind of determiner, occurring in many languages including English, that lacks independent meaning but may serve to indicate the specificity of reference of the noun phrase with which it occurs See also definite article indefinite article
  6. a clause or section in a written document such as a treaty, contract, statute, etc
  7. in articles
    formerly, undergoing training, according to the terms of a written contract, in the legal profession
  8. often capital Christianity See article of faith Thirty-nine Articles
  9. archaic.
    a topic or subject
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  1. archaic.
    to accuse
“Collins English Dictionary — Complete & Unabridged” 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012
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  • sub·ar·ti·cle noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of article1

First recorded in 1200–50; Middle English, from Anglo-French, Medieval Latin articulus “article of faith,” Latin: “joint, limb, member, clause, grammatical article,” equivalent to arti- (combining form of artus “joint”; akin to arthro-, arm 2 ) + -culus diminutive ( -cule 1 )
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Word History and Origins

Origin of article1

C13: from Old French, from Latin articulus small joint, from artus joint
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Example Sentences

Since the article has been published, the Senate has actually voted against the government and the law will now come into effect this year.

This article was originally published on our Biology and Beyond channel in June 2020.

Complementing the Spotlight program are custom events, which are either sold as standalone products or as part of bigger editorial packages that can include everything from articles to custom video.

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This article, the second in a series on global migration caused by climate change, is a result of a partnership between ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine, with support from the Pulitzer Center.

Previously, the publisher could get approximations of this behavior by pulling specific article data, but this speeds up the process.

From Digiday

This same outlet worked the phrase “engagement to toyboy lover” into the headline of their article on Fry.

That article noted that the F-35 does not currently have the ability to down-link live video to ground troops,.

This article was adapted from one originally published by IranWire.

“The origin of Brokpas is lost in antiquity,” a research article from the University of Delhi notes.

This article is adapted from one by Masud Moheb originally published by IranWire on 26 December 2014.

The magazines sketch us a lively article, the newspapers vignette us, step by step, a royal tour.

By this new species of shorthand we might have embodied this very article in half a dozen sprightly etchings!

When an article is written, the financial reward (and we may as well live as not) is a matter of certainty.

He scratched his head, scrutinized the article he had been perusing, and took a graceful survey of the paper.

To these and the general forms of old English pipes, I purpose confining myself in the present article.