[ ahr-tik-yuh-ley-tid ]
/ ɑrˈtɪk yəˌleɪ tɪd /


made clear or distinct: articulated sounds.
having a joint or joints; jointed: an articulated appendage.
(of a vehicle) built in sections that are hinged or otherwise connected so as to allow flexibility of movement: an articulated bus; an articulated locomotive.

Origin of articulated

First recorded in 1545–55; articulate + -ed2

OTHER WORDS FROM articulated

mul·ti·ar·tic·u·lat·ed, adjectiveun·ar·tic·u·lat·ed, adjectivewell-ar·tic·u·lat·ed, adjective

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Origin of articulate

First recorded in 1545–55, articulate is from the Latin word articulātus, past participle of articulāre to divide into distinct parts. See article, -ate1

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British Dictionary definitions for articulated


adjective (ɑːˈtɪkjʊlɪt)

verb (ɑːˈtɪkjʊˌleɪt)

Derived forms of articulate

articulately, adverbarticulateness or articulacy, noun

Word Origin for articulate

C16: from Latin articulāre to divide into joints; see article
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Medicine definitions for articulated (1 of 2)

[ är-tĭkyə-lā-tĭd ]


Characterized by or having articulations; jointed.

Medicine definitions for articulated (2 of 2)

[ är-tĭkyə-lĭt ]


Capable of speaking distinctly and connectedly.
Consisting of sections united by joints; jointed.


To speak distinctly and connectedly.
To join or connect together loosely to allow motion between the parts.
To unite by forming a joint or joints.
To form a joint; be jointed.
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