[ ahr-tuh-fish-uhl ]
/ ˌɑr təˈfɪʃ əl /


Origin of artificial

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin artificiālis contrived by art; see artifice, -al1

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British Dictionary definitions for artificially

/ (ˌɑːtɪˈfɪʃəl) /


produced by man; not occurring naturallyartificial materials of great strength
made in imitation of a natural product, esp as a substitute; not genuineartificial cream
pretended; assumed; insincerean artificial manner
lacking in spontaneity; affectedan artificial laugh
biology relating to superficial characteristics not based on the interrelationships of organismsan artificial classification

Derived forms of artificial

artificiality (ˌɑːtɪˌfɪʃɪˈælɪtɪ), nounartificially, adverb

Word Origin for artificial

C14: from Latin artificiālis belonging to art, from artificium skill, artifice
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