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[ ahrt-lis ]


  1. free from deceit, cunning, or craftiness; ingenuous:

    an artless child.

    Synonyms: sincere, candid, unaffected, plain, frank, open, guileless, unsophisticated, naive

    Antonyms: cunning

  2. not artificial; natural; simple; uncontrived:

    artless beauty; artless charm.

  3. lacking art, knowledge, or skill.
  4. poorly made; inartistic; clumsy; crude:

    an artless translation.


/ ˈɑːtlɪs /


  1. free from deceit, guile, or artfulness; ingenuous

    an artless remark

  2. natural, without artifice; unpretentious

    artless elegance

  3. without art or skill

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Derived Forms

  • ˈartlessness, noun
  • ˈartlessly, adverb
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Other Words From

  • artless·ly adverb
  • artless·ness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of artless1

First recorded in 1580–90; art 1 + -less
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Example Sentences

Roger Goodell has a last chance to rescue his reputation as an NFL commissioner, and maybe even become an important one, despite years of artless dodging on issues from domestic violence to Deflategate.

To induce this perception, every artless-seeming sentence here has been calculated, re-examined and endlessly tweaked.

Closest as in “closest to her heart,” or something clutched, or something unvarnished, artless, some plain truth?

Relevant backstory is condensed into a few lines of artless dialogue.

It was spoken as if by a condemned man: largely devoid of emotion, implausible, halting, artless, and sad.

"Oh, but dear Mrs. Dodd, suppose she couldn't help it," said the artless maiden with a blush and a little sigh.

With eyes still fixed intent upon the ground,I saw but her, whose artless innocence,Triumphant took possession of this heart.

She had an artless way of administering cruel stabs to her female acquaintances which frequently turned them into enemies.

Lamont had been attracted by Menotah's artless beauty, her joyous laughter, and caressing ways.

A young sportsman on the bank who had joined me expressed his artless disappointment.





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