[ as-kuh-ris ]

noun,plural as·car·i·des [a-skar-i-deez]. /æˈskær ɪˌdiz/.
  1. any parasitic roundworm of the genus Ascaris, found in the human small intestine and causing colic and diarrhea.

Origin of ascaris

<New Latin (Linnaeus), the genus <Greek ascarís intestinal worm; compare earlier, late Middle English ascarides (plural) <Medieval Latin <Greek

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How to use ascaris in a sentence

  • A slightly more complicated metamorphosis is common in the genera ascaris and Strongylus.

  • In the author's opinion, the most frequent causes of this complaint in puppies are round-worms (ascaris marginata).

    Sporting Dogs | Frank Townend Barton
  • ascaris cephaloptera, Rudolphi.Diaphanocephalus viper, Rudolphi.

    The Snakes of Europe | G. A. Boulenger
  • A species of ascaris and a Trichosoma (T. entomelas) are not uncommon in the intestines.

    Parasites | T. Spencer Cobbold
  • This bird was also infested by Spiroptera crassicauda and ascaris dispar.

    Parasites | T. Spencer Cobbold