[ uh-sklee-pee-uh-dey-shuhs ]
/ əˌskli pi əˈdeɪ ʃəs /


belonging to the Asclepiadaceae, the milkweed family of plants.
Compare milkweed family.

Origin of asclepiadaceous

1875–80; <New Latin Asclepiadace(ae) (Asclepiad-, stem of Asclepias the type genus (Latin <Greek asklēpiás a plant, perhaps the swallowwort, derivative of AsklēpiósAsclepius) + -aceae-aceae) + -ous

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British Dictionary definitions for asclepiadaceous

/ (æˌskliːpɪəˈdeɪʃəs) /


of, relating to, or belonging to the Asclepiadaceae, a family of mostly tropical and subtropical flowering plants, including the milkweed and swallowwort, having pollen in the form of a waxy mass (pollinium): now usually regarded as a subfamily of the Apocynaceae

Word Origin for asclepiadaceous

C19: from New Latin Asclēpias genus name, from Latin, from Greek asklēpias, named after Asclepius
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