[ as-uh-nath ]

  1. the wife of Joseph and the mother of Manasseh and Ephraim. Genesis 41:45; 46:20.

  • Also Douay Bible, As·e·neth [as-uh-neth]. /ˈæs əˌnɛθ/.

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How to use Asenath in a sentence

  • Principal Asenath Andrews has been like a surrogate mother to thousands of teen moms in Detroit.

    Saving Teen Moms | Daily Beast Promotions | March 6, 2012 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • Her name was Asenath; and to Joseph and his wife God gave two sons.

    The Wonder Book of Bible Stories | Compiled by Logan Marshall
  • "And she is worth fifty thousand dollars, too," rejoined Asenath.

    Bad Hugh | Mary Jane Holmes
  • But only Asenath's grim, angular visage was seen, as it looked from Anna's window, wondering whom Jim could be bringing home.

    Bad Hugh | Mary Jane Holmes
  • "Asenath," and Anna's voice betrayed her astonishment that her sister should speak so in Adah's presence.

    Bad Hugh | Mary Jane Holmes
  • Asenath and Eudora held out longer, but even they were not proof against Willie's winning ways.

    Bad Hugh | Mary Jane Holmes