[ ash-luhnd ]


  1. a city in NE Kentucky, on the Ohio River.
  2. a city in N central Ohio.
  3. a town in SW Oregon.

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Example Sentences

The course follows Route 135 through Ashland, Framingham, Natick and Wellesley, and after Route 135 merges with Route 16, it goes through Newton Lower Falls before turning onto Commonwealth Avenue.

Maren Larsen, podcast producerIt’s been a tough August in Ashland, Oregon.

I wore it for four straight days during the wildfire-induced chaos happening in my town of Ashland, Oregon, and barely noticed that I hadn’t changed, which speaks volumes.

At the Ashland lab, the mystery is often more fundamental: What is it?

Kelly G. Lambert, a neuroscientist at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia, studies parenting behavior in lab animals.

Before his brutal killing along a dark bike path in Ashland, Ore., 23-year-old David Grubbs loved playing videogames.

He spoke with Elise Jordan from his home of Ashland City, Tennessee, about that fateful night—a turning point in the Iraq War.

At Beaver Dam, Ashland, and other places, about two millions of rations had been captured and destroyed.

He made his home in the southern part of the state, near Ashland, in Jackson County, where he was living in 1885.

At first the road to Mt. Ashland wound through fertile valleys and low hills.

While this was transpiring on the Ashland road, there was a sharp contest on the road leading to Hanover.

Your despatch as to the South Anna and Ashland being seized by our forces this morning is received.