[ as-puh-rey-shuh-nl ]


  1. relating to or characterized by aspiration or a strong desire for something:

    their aspirational goals for the New Year.

  2. aimed at or appealing to people who want to attain a higher social position or standard of living:

    a magazine featuring aspirational products for the home.

  3. Medicine/Medical. relating to the act of removing a fluid from a body cavity or of inhaling a fluid into the lungs.
  4. Phonetics. relating to articulation involving an audible puff of breath.

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Example Sentences

They were all fledgling quarterbacks in some way when James became an aspirational figure with how he reimagined a superstar’s role in team building.

No shade to anyone who happily binged through it in a lockdown haze, but that show was pure, aspirational fluff.

From Time

Worth noting that the polling was completed before her surprising announcement last Thursday, which she shared with members of Fortune’s CEO Initiative, that GM has set an “aspirational goal” of eliminating all tail pipe emissions by 2035.

From Fortune

Among the numerous subspecies he skewers are the loiterer, conspiracy theorist, bearded pensioner, occultist and aspirational parent.

We are trying to separate the aspirational from the intentional.

This does not really address the aspirational reasons why so many Americans have been migrating to this region.

Collectively, these young women are making entrepreneurship not just aspirational, but a little bit edgy.

Mattel successfully marketed them with jingles copping to the aspirational nature of their use.

Nowadays, the SEIU and other groups seem to see flipping burgers as positively aspirational.

Everywhere online, users are posting aspirational pictures of thigh gaps, used as inspiration for weight loss and dieting.

Is not our horrible competitive civilization at last going to choke all aspirational life into silence?

His infatuation is known as el howa el'adhry (pure, or aspirational love).

Can there possibly be friendships where there is no aspirational life?