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  1. any fern of the very large genus Asplenium, of worldwide distribution. Some, esp the bird's nest fern (A. nidus), are grown as greenhouse or house plants for their decorative evergreen fronds: family PolypodiaceaeSee also spleenwort
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Word Origin

New Latin, from Latin asplēnum, from Greek asplēnon spleenwort, from a- not + splēn spleen (from its reputed medicinal properties)
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Historical Examples

  • Some species of Polypodium, the Asplenium Trichomanes, and other ferns, grow on the adjacent parts of the mountain.

    Lachesis Lapponica

    Carl von Linn

  • Asplenium septentrionale is very common in most of the districts where crystalline rocks abound.

    The Story of the Hills

    H. N. Hutchinson

  • In others again (Woodwardia orientalis, Asplenium bulbiferum), buds are numerously produced on the upper surface of the fronds.

  • Another common and readily grown species is the lady fern (Asplenium filixfœmina) (Fig. 70, H).

  • In addition to the plants I have gathered, Asplenium nidus it very common.