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[ uh-sur-tid ]


  1. resting on a statement or claim unsupported by evidence or proof; alleged:

    The asserted value of the property was twice the amount anyone offered.

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Other Words From

  • as·serted·ly adverb
  • unas·serted adjective
  • well-as·serted adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of asserted1

First recorded in 1675–85; assert + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

“I cannot reiterate enough that there is so much abuse that goes on in this place,” he asserted.

The lawyer asserted that an autopsy of Sarbandi showed how the pen knife wound was itself not fatal.

It also harkened back to Ada Lovelace, who asserted that machines would be able to do almost anything, except think on their own.

Land, he asserted, should be owned by the public and government funded by rents.

The Persian frontier was the only firmly delineated border, asserted by mountains.

It is usually asserted that the tobacco grown in Brazil contains only two per cent.

Among the ladies of "gentle blood," however, there is more of the asserted aristocratic symmetry and beauty than among the men.

But in doing this, the intention and power of selection guided by sound judgment at once asserted itself.

Piegan shortly proved that he made no vain boast when he asserted his ability to follow their track.

After the first surprise, Comyn's men asserted their superior force; and aid arrived from Carlisle.


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