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[ uh-ses-ing ]


  1. the act or process of estimating the value of property, income, etc., as a basis for taxation:

    Duties include the accurate listing and assessing of all properties, including legal ownership, mailing addresses, acreage, and assessed values.

  2. the act or process of determining and levying an amount to be paid or charged:

    The penalties available to the Commissioner of Human Rights include the assessing of civil fines up to $50,000.

  3. the act or process of estimating or judging the value, character, condition, progress, etc., of a person or thing:

    In the assessing of his own strengths and liabilities, he has probably discovered much about himself.


  1. estimating, evaluating, or judging:

    In evaluating learning outcomes in early childhood education, it’s important to acknowledge the perspective of the assessing adult.

  2. imposing a tax or other charge, or determining the amount of such a charge:

    If the amount remitted by any dealer is less than the amount of tax payable, the assessing authority shall serve the dealer with a notice of the outstanding balance.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of assessing1

First recorded in 1425–75; assess ( def ) + -ing 1( def ) for the noun senses; assess ( def ) + -ing 2( def ) for the adjective senses
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Example Sentences

Even companies struggle to assess carbon emissions that come from the whole life cycle of their products, she said.

To estimate further back in time, the researchers assessed ease of harvesting by recording how long it took to dig up bulbs at six of those sites, plus an additional one.

A committee of advisors will meet in December to assess Pfizer’s data documenting how well the shots worked.

First, adolescent brains are still developing the ability to assess risks and control actions.

The order assesses eligibility based on the age of an inmate and whether the prisoner is nearing the end of his or her sentence.

My trip takes the reverse path, and I begin by assessing the depth of my Shakespeare knowledge in his birthplace.

Assessing rape allegations gets still more challenging in the Middle East, where even the suspicion of rape can break families.

Do you think those are the two main factors in assessing a president?

It may be a useful exercise for assessing black people in general.

There are several problems involved in assessing the value of such tests.

There is no means of judging the future except by assessing the past.

But the captain and the two Khatkans stood calmly assessing the slaughter left by the hide poachers.

This tariff for revenue only was well enough for Thomas and Laura, and assessing a duty of ten per cent.

The law of 1898 made important modifications in these rates and manner of assessing.

Accordingly, it exerts a tacit influence on the line of defence employed for other modes of assessing taxation.





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