[ uh-sin-uh-boin ]

noun,plural As·sin·i·boins, (especially collectively) As·sin·i·boin for 1.
  1. a member of a Siouan people of northeastern Montana and adjacent parts of Canada.

  2. the Siouan language spoken by the Assiniboin.

  1. of, relating to, or characteristic of the Assiniboin or their language.

Origin of Assiniboin

First recorded in 1675–85; from Canadian French Assiniboine, from Ojibwe (Saulteaux dialect) assini·-pwa·n literally, “stone Sioux” (equivalent to unattested Proto-Algonquian aʔsenyi “stone” + unattested pwa·θa “enemy tribesman”)
  • Also called Na·ko·ta [nuh-koh-tuh], /nəˈkoʊ tə/, Na·ko·da [nuh-koh-duh] /nəˈkoʊ də/ .

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How to use Assiniboin in a sentence

  • He understood scarcely a word of French or English, and spoke only when addressed in his native Assiniboin.

    South from Hudson Bay | E. C. [Ethel Claire] Brill
  • Murray silently pointed to his Assiniboin companion, who apparently understood nothing of the conversation.

    South from Hudson Bay | E. C. [Ethel Claire] Brill
  • He was apparently an Assiniboin brave, decked out in cariboo robe and blanket, fringed leggings, and beaded moccasins.

    The Cryptogram | William Murray Graydon
  • It is the Pish-tah-te-koosh of the Algonkin tribes, "reckoned the fleetest animal in the prairie country about the Assiniboin."

  • Though half-Cheyenne and half-Assiniboin, he spoke English well, and manifested a marked sense of humor.