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[ uh-shoor-uhns, -shur- ]


  1. a positive declaration intended to give confidence:

    He received assurances of support for the project.

  2. promise or pledge; guaranty; surety:

    He gave his assurance that the job would be done.

    Synonyms: oath, warranty

  3. full confidence; freedom from doubt; certainty:

    to act in the assurance of success.

    Antonyms: uncertainty

  4. freedom from timidity; self-confidence; belief in one's abilities:

    She acted with speed and assurance.

    Antonyms: uncertainty

  5. presumptuous boldness; impudence.

    Synonyms: effrontery, cheek, nerve, impertinence

    Antonyms: uncertainty

  6. Chiefly British. insurance.


/ əˈʃʊərəns /


  1. a statement, assertion, etc, intended to inspire confidence or give encouragement

    she was helped by his assurance that she would cope

  2. a promise or pledge of support

    he gave an assurance of help when needed

  3. freedom from doubt; certainty

    his assurance about his own superiority infuriated her

  4. forwardness; impudence
  5. insurance providing for certainties such as death as contrasted with fire or theft

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Other Words From

  • preas·surance noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of assurance1

First recorded in 1325–75; Middle English ass(e)ura(u)nce, from Middle French ass(e)urance; equivalent to assure + -ance

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Synonym Study

See trust. See confidence.

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Example Sentences

The union has been pressing for more assurances that the classrooms are well-ventilated.

People who turn over secret documents are taking enormous risks, and they often want assurances that the revelations will have the largest possible impact.

To hear McConnell’s team tell it, he won by gaining other assurances about the longevity of the filibuster and its 60-vote threshold for most legislation.

Our aim in this partnership is to provide further assurance that those who fly are as safe as possible.

The lawmakers’ concerns came despite assurances by the TSA that the agency remains on “high alert” and that there would be a stepped-up law enforcement presence at all three major Washington-area airports through the inauguration.

To an audience destabilized by seismic changes in the culture, he brings the assurance (and the threat) that Obama et al.

And by pronouncing other cultures and political systems “evil,” there was the assurance that America was good.

It was on this assurance that the FAA certified that the 787 was safe to fly again.

Any financial institution would have a huge quality assurance team to find such bugs, but for Mark it was all up to him.

“I understand the concept of business and startups,” Ahrenberg says with easy assurance.

Belief in his own value had never been thus assailed before; that he was indispensable had been an ultimate assurance.

The presence of a large gold fund was an assurance of the ability to return to specie payments after the close of the war.

All she needed was a certain amount of his society, opportunities to work for him, the assurance of his success and happiness.

Instantly Longcluse had used his revolver; but before he could make assurance doubly sure, his quick ear detected a step outside.

On the subject of Shakespeare's height he could not speak with assurance, but Keats was only just over five feet.


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More About Assurance

What does assurance mean?

An assurance is a positive promise, pledge, or guarantee. It is intended to dispel the listener’s doubts and give them confidence.

When we are worried about something, an assurance from a trusted source can ease our anxieties. If you’re nervous about a volcano erupting, a scientist could give you assurance that it’s not meant to blow for 500 more years. The assurance might help you feel more safe and certain.

Example: When Marya’s teacher asked why she hadn’t submitted her assignment, Marya gave an assurance that the essay was on its way.

Where does assurance come from?

The first records of assurance come from around the 1320s. It comes from the Middle French asseurance, which combined the verb “assure” with the suffix “-ance,” making it a noun.

While assurance usually refers to the message or promise that brings confidence, like quality assurance, it can also refer to the confidence itself. In those cases, assurance means certainty. Someone who acts with assurance is bold, and believes in themself.

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What are some other forms related to assurance?

What are some synonyms for assurance?

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What are some words that often get used in discussing assurance?

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How is assurance used in real life?

People tend to use assurance very genuinely, to describe the stability and confidence that they hope for themselves or others to have. Their assurance can come from their loved ones, their faith, or themselves. Some people also discuss quality assurance for goods and services.


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Which of the following is NOT a synonym for assurance?

A. guarantee
B. confidence
C. policy
D. certainty

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