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[ uh-shoor-id-lee, uh-shur- ]


  1. definitely or certainly:

    We will try to address some of the most egregious problems, but will assuredly miss some.

  2. in a bold, confident, or authoritative manner:

    He very assuredly tells people that he expects to be reelected because of the great job he’s doing.

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Other Words From

  • o·ver·as·sur·ed·ly adverb
  • un·as·sur·ed·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

Each lead type comes with a color-coded pencil, so if you need all four sizes, you can rest assured you’ll never get confused about which is which.

Time travelers from centuries past would assuredly be shocked by planes, cars, iPhones, and Kimye on the cover of Vogue.

It is assuredly not by mimicking the Gellars and Spencers of the world, thereby effectively becoming an anti-Jihadist Jihadi.

Assuredly, their chain of command would ensure that they will never serve in Syria should we put troops on the ground there.

With a million copies already sold, some have assuredly fallen into the wrong hands.

Hedges, most assuredly, is not joining the ranks of those charlatans and demagogues with this slim, powerful volume.

Assuredly, this was an occasion when the sacrifice of a few minutes might avoid the grave risk of a breakdown after daybreak.

"I think this is assuredly worth looking into, Jack," said Rossmore Ford, slowly.

If the business of such offices were worked and carried out in a "proper spirit," it would assuredly be "a success."

But for the dagger on which he caught its edge, the blade had assuredly pierced the captain's heart.

Puffin as an engaged man might be somewhat less divine, but he would be assuredly more human.


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