1. American Students Union.

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Example Sentences

Indeed, one female student told ASU News that cultivating a hairy existence was a “life-changing experience.”

So, the people at ASU who think Farland is wrong in his job for being white may have a case.

It seems unlikely that the ASU contingent will be able to make a coherent case against Farland.

Perhaps the people who want Garland out just wish ASU could be as all-black as possible.

Miúsuk ang asu sa tambutsu, The smoke gushed out of the exhaust pipe.

After several minutes wasted on haggling, it was agreed that Asu Babu should be paid Rs.

Paabungig asu ang mangga, (Make the fire so that) the mango tree will be in the path of the smoke.

The term asu is that generally employed by the Javanese, from whose country possibly the dog may have been introduced into Borneo.

After congratulating Asu Babu on his unexpected success, Samarendra asked how he had managed it.