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at large

  1. A descriptive term for the election of public officials by an entire governmental unit rather than by subdivisions of the unit. For example, a delegate at large does not represent any specific district or locale, but speaks instead for a much wider group of people.

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Example Sentences

I spoke first with Scott Ellman, a student at Wesleyan University and now the Huffington Post editor-at-large for his campus.

Chen said the at-large structure allows stylists “the flexibility and freedom to work on projects that are not competitive.”

Other guests included Tom Ford and Jemima Khan, European editor-at-large of the magazine.

Hamish Bowles, the stylish European editor-at-large of Vogue, is apparently a fan.

The Thrill of the Chase is about giving a hands-on experience to the public-at-large.

He took his job very seriously, and it didn't take Jason long to realize that he was a prisoner-at-large.

My proposition is that I, as vice-president-at-large, call conventions of two days each at a number of cities.

"We must nominate Mr. Edmunds," said the young delegate-at-large, and did his best for the gentleman in question.

Mr. Foulke was elected president and Mrs. Haggart vice-president-at-large.

He was renominated by the Republican party, but councilman-at-large, and elected with an increased vote.