at last

Also, at long last. After a long time, finally, as in At last the speeches ended and dinner was served, or Harry's got his degree at long last. The first term dates from about 1200, the variant from the early 1500s. Also see at length, def. 2.

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How to use at last in a sentence

  • I murmured, holding her close to my heartOh my darling,you love me!at last you love me!

    The Sorrows of Satan | Marie Corelli
  • I intend to proceed upon the longing-for-a-lap-of-blood-at-last principle, and if you do offend me, look to it.

  • The men were silent for a full couple of minutes-at last Shawn spoke.

    The Crock of Gold | James Stephens
  • An empire and a crown?at last I am out-rivalled in your heart!

    Semiramis and Other Plays | Olive Tilford Dargan