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at once

  1. Immediately, as in Mother told the children to come inside at once . [First half of 1500s]

  2. At the same time, as in We can't all fit into the boat at once . [First half of 1200s] Also see at one time , def. 1.

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Example Sentences

Fryberg left behind a dense record all-at-once ordinary and disturbing, that leaves more questions than answers.

The localisation of sensibility was merging into a unified perception whereby people would presently know all-over and at-once.

Then the flagship hauled home every rope by the silent ‘all-at-once’ action of one hundred men.

Then we perceived there were two fires throwing up their smoke in the morning sun—the "Come-at-once" signal.

All at-once the enraged chief showed by his gestures that he had resolved what course he would take.

And Joan, somehow or other, was aware of this, for she saw things all-at-once and all-over.


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