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at hand

  1. Also, close or near at hand . Within easy reach, nearby, as in I like to keep my tools close at hand . [1300s]

  2. Also, on hand . Nearby in time, soon, as in The day of judgment is at hand , or A change of administration is on hand . Also see on hand .

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Example Sentences

The near-at-hand field and pasture that sloped toward it were gemmed with dew.

The argentic plate is always ready-at-hand, and the working of it is simplicity itself.

I had ransacked the far-off, and had neglected the near-at-hand, as we are so apt to do.

In support of this proposition volumes might be written; but only a brief array of near-at-hand evidence will be here presented.

I was not in the least cast down at this long-range estimate, since I had become quite used to close-at-hand ridicule.


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