[ at-lan-tik ]
/ ætˈlæn tɪk /


of or relating to the Atlantic Ocean.
of, relating to, or situated on the eastern seaboard of the U.S.: the Atlantic states.
of or relating to the countries bordering the Atlantic Ocean, especially those of North America and Europe.
of or relating to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or its members: the Atlantic Alliance.


Railroads. a steam locomotive having a four-wheeled front truck, four driving wheels, and a two-wheeled rear truck.

Origin of Atlantic

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin Atlanticum (mare) the Atlantic (ocean), neuter of Atlanticus < Greek Atlantikós of (Mount) Atlas, equivalent to Atlant- (stem of Átlās) + -ikos -ic


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/ (ətˈlæntɪk) /


the Atlantic short for Atlantic Ocean


of or relating to or bordering the Atlantic Ocean
of or relating to Atlas or the Atlas Mountains

Word Origin for Atlantic

C15: from Latin Atlanticus, from Greek (pelagos) Atlantikos (the sea) of Atlas (so called because it lay beyond the Atlas Mountains)
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