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[ uh-top ]


  1. on or at the top.


  1. on the top of:

    atop the flagpole.


/ əˈtɒp /


  1. on top; at the top


  1. on top of; at the top of
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Word History and Origins

Origin of atop1

First recorded in 1650–60; a- 1 + top 1
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Example Sentences

Kamaru Usman has reigned atop UFC’s welterweight division since 2019, when he seized the throne from Tyron Woodley.

It turned out that Cassius couldn’t care less about actually solving the puzzle, but he was very good at following directions and understood that a larger disk could never sit atop a smaller disk.

In an early episode, she talks with boudoir photographer Janette Casolary about outdoor nudes, specifically aesthetics and the prevalence of topless shots taken atop mountains seen on Instagram.

She wishes she could discern how big the tuft of hair atop her head was, so she could guess how many braids were left.

Couples who download Zeta will each get a Zeta joint card and a joint account to layer atop their finances.

These two videos rest atop bookmarked links to The Jeffrey Epstein Foundation.

But the proud stone lion that once stood atop the tomb, as Peristeri has often maintained, suggests a male occupant and a warrior.

McConnell soon followed, beaming like an ornament atop a Christmas tree.

It shows the cascading hills and many buildings that seemingly stack atop them.

He went over to his wife, and she pointed to a piece of metal that lay atop some storm-tossed debris.

Again one of those agonizing waits, racking to the two men whose future depended largely upon the happenings atop the range.

Creakingly the load of seaweed moved away, with Jacob atop, rather dazed.

Perched atop of every broomstick he could see a tiny creature similar in looks and dress to the Red Cap perched upon the poker.

There was a postcript which said: "I changed the acorn atop for another nut with my knife."

Not all of them had seen Andy atop a bad horse, and the Diamond G men, in particular, were eager to witness a sample of his skill.