1. sing. atrium ( ay -tree-uhm) The two upper chambers in the heart , which receive blood from the veins and push it into the ventricles . ( See circulatory system .)

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Glow: The Autobiography of Rick JamesRick James David Ritz (Atria Books) Where to begin?

Doctors put the patient on a heart-lung machine before surgeons remove the heart—except for the back walls of the atria.

Heymann chose not to return messages left with his publisher, Atria Books.

The real hearth, originally in the atrium, had long since vanished from the atria of the wealthy and aristocratic.

No mouth opened along the cleft of the cone itself; all the lava issued from that part which extended into the Atria.

The fissure of the cone on the north-west side was large and deep, and extended into the Atria del Cavallo, about 300 metres.

These lava-streams—some of them reaching to the sea-coast—have issued forth from the Atria at successive periods of eruption.

The fora and atria were overcrowded with bronze and marble statues and groups.


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Atreusatrial fibrillation