abbreviation for

  1. attached.
  2. attention.
  3. attorney.

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Example Sentences

Eventually this drew a visit from the local head of the Security Police, Colonel Att Spengler.

Good afternoon, Kanye and Kim get engaged in ATT Park (which Kanye rented for the occasion).

David Cay Johnston lists a dozen possible solutions, from building seawalls to getting tough on ATT.

LTE is so fast ... great reception on ATT (sorry, Verizon marketing), turn by turn is killer.

Its big brother, the Lumia 900, will have a 4.3-inch screen, run on speedy 4G networks, and will cost only $100 through ATT.

Nothing remarkable hapned captain Pond Listed three or four men for the next campaign att night it was very cold.

All this will raise a black Cloud att Court, which We wish may not produce a severe storme.

Att night the Capt. Gave the people a pale of punch to Recover them of their fright.

We then askt him if it was his Comp'y that had used the English so barbarously when taken att the Fort.

And also, what Blacks and Slaves have been brought in within the said time, and att what rates?





at sword's pointatta