[ a-ta-shey, at-uh- or, esp. British, uh-tash-ey ]
/ æ tæˈʃeɪ, ˌæt ə- or, esp. British, əˈtæʃ eɪ /


a diplomatic official attached to an embassy or legation, especially in a technical capacity: a commercial attaché; a cultural attaché.
a military officer who is assigned to a diplomatic post in a foreign country in order to gather military information: an air attaché; an army attaché; a naval attaché.
Also at·ta·che. attaché case.

Origin of attaché

1825–35; < French: literally, attached, past participle of attacher to attach


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British Dictionary definitions for attache

/ (əˈtæʃeɪ, French ataʃe) /


a specialist attached to a diplomatic missionmilitary attaché
British a junior member of the staff of an embassy or legation

Word Origin for attaché

C19: from French: someone attached (to a mission), from attacher to attach
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Culture definitions for attache

[ (a-ta-shay, at-uh-shay) ]

A diplomatic officer attached to an embassy or consulate. Most attachés have specialties, such as military attachés, cultural attachés, economic attachés, and so forth.

notes for attaché

Some nations disguise spies as attachés.
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