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[ uh-teyn-muhnt ]


  1. an act of attaining.
  2. something attained; a personal acquirement; achievement.

    Synonyms: accomplishment


/ əˈteɪnmənt /


  1. an achievement or the act of achieving; accomplishment
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Other Words From

  • nonat·tainment noun adjective
  • reat·tainment noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of attainment1

First recorded in 1350–1400, attainment is from the Middle English word attenement. See attain, -ment
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Example Sentences

The 2016 election demonstrated the importance of careful weighting protocols, as many state-level surveys did not weight samples by educational attainment.

Some pollsters such as Ipsos and the Pew Research Center have taken weighting by education a step further by weighting for educational attainment within racial groups.

Melillo traces the history of these bugs and their products as a query into modernity’s attainments and its discontents.

“Because the center-assessed grades elevated the overall attainment, the currency of qualifications got devalued, so it pushed everything up the system,” says Andrew Hargreaves, co-founder of DataHE.

From Ozy

The Post-ABC Minnesota poll’s initial sample of adults was weighted by educational attainment as well as race, gender, age and geopolitical regions of the state.

The connection between wealth and educational attainment is still strong.

There are no scientific, medical, or technological barriers to its attainment.

Despite improved educational attainment for women, progress has been uneven, and in some cases, has declined in recent years.

Murray also errs in reducing educational attainment and professional success solely to genetic endowment.

It cannot be said that the insurgents in the field had advanced one step towards the attainment of their object.

Not necessarily, he went on; if the motive is clearly within our grasp, the attainment is possible.

The reception of it did not imply the attainment of grace; but as a sign, it was appointed to denote grace received.

It aspired to rise to a knowledge of God as the supremest wisdom and grandest attainment of mortal man.

Eva Poindexter may be a country girl, but she has her standards, too, and mere grace and attainment are not sufficient to win her.


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