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[ uh-ten-tiv-nis ]


  1. the ability and inclination to pay attention, as to a speaker, a task, information, events, etc.:

    Candidates must demonstrate a high degree of clerical accuracy and attentiveness to detail.

  2. the quality of being considerate of others and their needs; thoughtfulness; courtesy:

    Her exceptional care and attentiveness toward her patients is renowned.

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Other Words From

  • o·ver·at·ten·tive·ness noun
  • un·at·ten·tive·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of attentiveness1

First recorded in 1545–55; attentive ( def ) + -ness ( def )

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Example Sentences

Bennett had challenged his players since the loss Friday to San Francisco to be far more attentive defensively.

You could believe that you’re an extremely attentive and responsible driver, like I did, but still succumb to distraction.

It is known for its spacious patio, attentive staff, and friendly crowds.

Since women were by and large given the role of nurturing mother, it was convenient to believe that they were by nature careful, attentive, and focused on the wellbeing of children.

It takes an attentive community with time on its hands to follow the money and ensure it’s spent in the right places.

So I think that that kind of concentration, and focus, and attentiveness, is hard to come by.

Attentiveness and Dignity While we enjoy our friend's sense of humor, we'd suggest a different memo to HR.

Nothing is so prone to defeat its own end as the fixed, overstrained attentiveness of intense expectation.

The attentiveness of the footman and even of the butler did not seem to her to be entirely confined to their wants.

Certainly, privacy should be respected, and we should not force ourselves upon others, but attentiveness is not intrusiveness.

But, through all his attentiveness to Savina, his crowding thoughts, he listened for the return of the car with the doctor.

The kindness and attentiveness of this man are simply wonderful.