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[ uh-trak-tiv ]


  1. providing pleasure or delight, especially in appearance or manner; pleasing; charming; alluring:

    an attractive personality.

  2. arousing interest or engaging one's thought, consideration, etc.: an attractive price.

    an attractive idea;

    an attractive price.

  3. having the quality of attracting.


/ əˈtræktɪv /


  1. appealing to the senses or mind through beauty, form, character, etc
  2. arousing interest

    an attractive opportunity

  3. possessing the ability to draw or pull

    an attractive force

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Derived Forms

  • atˈtractiveness, noun
  • atˈtractively, adverb
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Other Words From

  • at·tractive·ly adverb
  • at·tractive·ness noun
  • super·at·tractive adjective
  • unat·tractive adjective
  • unat·tractive·ly adverb
  • unat·tractive·ness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of attractive1

First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English attractif, attractive, (from Middle French at(t)ractif ), from Late Latin attractīvus “(of a medicine) having drawing power, absorptive,” derivative of attractus , “drawn, contracted,” attract, -ive
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Example Sentences

“The numbers are potentially very attractive,” Halperin said, referring to the affiliate commissions available on many kinds of CBD products, which can range from $29 pain relief creams to $120 vials of oil.

From Digiday

For example, CTR relies on having an attractive snippet in search results.

I can close my eyes, but if I open them and look over at the other couple, then later there are lots of questions about whether or not I found the other man attractive and so on.

From Ozy

The interesting news this morning is that Goldman and Deutsche Bank both describe the pullback as “typical,” and that stocks look attractive once again.

From Fortune

It produces attractive logos for the entrepreneurs and also offers them tons of other customizable features for enhancing their logos as per their requirements.

With falling temperatures, retreat has become a much more attractive option than before.

They have one big problem: Republican midterm gains had more to do with a sagging Democrat brand than an attractive GOP platform.

This will make your pupils dilate, making you more attractive.

She must be beautiful and attractive for her partner and bring home at least half of the family income.

The book thus has an attractive double “empathy,” a word that appears in all four parts.

Little girls perhaps represent the attractive function of adornment: they like to be thought pretty.

Orlean was regarded as a fairly attractive woman; but her chin, unlike that of the one before him, was inclined to retreat.

The animals were sold in April, 1876, the place not being sufficiently attractive.

They certainly were attractive specimens of their race, and the Quaker miller who offered them had a most benignant countenance.

All agreed that there was something particularly attractive in her appearance.





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