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[ a-truh-byoo-shuhn ]


  1. the act of attributing; ascription.
  2. something ascribed; an attribute.
  3. Numismatics. a classification for a coin, based on its distinguishing features, as date, design, or metal.
  4. Archaic. authority or function assigned, as to a ruler, legislative assembly, delegate, or the like.

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Other Words From

  • misat·tri·bution noun
  • reat·tri·bution noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of attribution1

First recorded in 1425–75; late Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin attribūtiōn-, stem of attribūtiō “assignment, an allotting”; attribute, -ion
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Example Sentences

“The fundamental principle underpinning climate change attribution science is counterfactual analysis,” Stuart-Smith says.

The attribution process happens within the App Store before being verified on Apple’s servers.

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Those identifiers are the backbone of those spending choices, powering ad targeting, retargeting, frequency capping, campaign measurement and attribution.

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Josh Linforth, commercial director for Genius Sports Media, a part of the sports media buying agency Genius Sports Group, said that sports books do not ultimately care about attribution when they’re making a media buy.

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It could hobble advertising operations, from frequency capping to campaign measurement, targeted ads to the attribution of app installs.

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That precludes paying much mind to attribution or compensation.

Privately and never for attribution, some even have floated the term "civil treason" to describe the level of opposition.

The modest attribution “based on a true story” appears on screen: we could be in Anybiopic, Anywhere.

Surely responsible journalism requires attribution from the source of the accusation.

Other assertions in Pocket Facts lack any attribution, which avoids mangling sources.

King Robert's military renown does not need the false attribution of tactical discoveries that he certainly did not make.

The form of the title and the attribution of the work to Boulanger were designed to set persecution on the wrong track.

I do not know whether the attribution of the stone to Antony Paynes parents was more than a likely guess.

Worship, we tell ourselves, is worth-ship; it is the attribution of worth or honor to whom these are properly due.

This reiterated attribution of blessedness to Mary our Mother calls us to pause and ask just what blessedness means.





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