[ oud-hoom-lah, -huhm- ]

nounScandinavian Mythology.
  1. a cow, owned by Ymir and born like him from drops of the melting primeval ice: its licking of a mass of salty ice exposed the first god, Buri.

Origin of Audhumla

<Old Norse Authum(b)la, equivalent to auth(r) wealth + humla a polled cow
  • Also Aud·hum·bla [oud-hoom-blah, -lah, -huhm-]. /ˈaʊd hʊm blɑ, -lɑ, -hʌm-/.

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How to use Audhumla in a sentence

  • Audhumla, the Cow, also played an essential part in Norse creation myth by revealing Buri – the ancestor of all Aesir Norse gods.

  • For a moment, he thought she had been destroyed, then she lurched into sight and went around the curvature of Audhumla.

    Space Viking | Henry Beam Piper
  • From the cow Audhumla, formed at the same time, Ymir was nourished by four streams of milk.

  • By-and-by a giant came out of the dark north, and lay down upon the ice near Audhumla.

    The Heroes of Asgard | Annie Keary
  • "Nobody's going to be sticky about what happened on Audhumla," he told Trask.

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  • Who tipped Dunnan off that the Victrix would be on Audhumla?

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