Auditor General

  1. (in Canada) a federal official responsible for auditing government departments and making an annual report

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How to use Auditor General in a sentence

  • Inquisitiveness is but another name for the Auditor General.

    Wise or Otherwise | Lydia Leavitt
  • When Grimes was Auditor-General every officer was a gentleman and a man of honour.

    The Book of the Bush | George Dunderdale
  • This board, under which was an auditor-general at the head of the office of accounts, was the germ of the later treasury.

    The Colonization of North America | Herbert Eugene Bolton
  • The Auditor-General then decided that the legal rate of six percent should be enforced.

  • So also would the audit of the Controller or Auditor-General.

    Lord Randolph Churchill | Winston Spencer Churchill