NZ an exclamation of pain, distress, or astonishment

Word Origin for aue

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Historical Examples of aue

  • Before this tyme I was callyd quene of heuen, lady of the world, but now any man wyll skarsly say aue Maria or hayle Mary.

  • Whenever the kaolin of Aue was discovered, Bttcher, on his first attempt, succeeded in making natural porcelain.

    The Ceramic Art

    Jennie J. Young

  • Also yet by thys tale they that be vnlearnyd in the laten tonge may know the sestence of the Aue Maria.

  • In 1709 he produced his true hard porcelain from natural earth obtained from Aue, near Schneeberg.

  • Because they say, Aue Csar, therefore they meane nothing against Csar.